Do you need professional advice before taking the next step?

Has your IT-setup reached its limit?

Your expertise about your core-business is more valuable to your company than the time you spend supporting and managing your IT systems.

Outsourcing the support and management of your technical infrastructure to a reliable company will benefit your organisation greatly because of your increased productivity.

Talk to us at MiT Ltd. to find out, how we can help you to bring your business to the next level by utilising ICT in a meaningful way.

From impartial advise about strategies, tactics, procedures, workflow- and office structuring up to requirement analysis for hardware and software we can escort your company along the transformation into a more efficient and profitable entity.


Training is one of THE most overlooked and underestimated fields in IT.
Without proper training you and your staff can not use the existing infrastructure to gain the full benefit for the company.

Assets are being underused and at the same time staff members are under severe pressure due to insufficient training and/or knowledge of techniques and procedures. 

While there are very good training programs and courses out there they usually do have one major problem:

They are not tailored to your specific needs. And they only deal with part of the problem, e.g. to teach participants the capabilities of software. What is not considered is the specific workflow in your organisation and how to utilise assets in a way, to get the best results with the least effort.

Media Duplication

This is a new service we offer to our customers. It is aimed mainly at clients that need copies of existing material quickly and without any hassle of having to post something and then wait for the results to return

Ever more sophisticated products and services compete for the attention of consumers, so the marketing materials that businesses are using to target and persuade them have to keep up.

Sales letters, glossy brochures and presentation folders are often used to attract clients and customers.
Due to the common use of these methods they rarely stand out.

CDs and DVDs are a great way to present the same information in a more innovative way that is guaranteed to grab and hold the attention of your target audience.

CD/DVD duplication is a cost-effective way to produce interactive marketing materials, presentations and other information.

For confidential data we even can bring the copier to your premises and do the job there and then, the master disk and the copies never leave your office!

Whether you are a(n) designer, artist, musician, educator, photographer, producer, solicitor, lecturer, estate agent or marketing professional, MiT Ltd. can cater for your needs in data duplication.

We do not run a CD/DVD factory, so if you need thousands of disks we are not the right partner for you, but from 2 to 100 we are well placed (for more we just need a bit more time).

Please note: you have to be the rightful owner of any copyrights for the material you want duplicated.

Document And Image Services

  • recovery of digital photographs erased by accident from memory cards
  • digitising of filmstrips or slides, printing photos or archiving on CD / DVD
  • scanning of documents and converting into searchable .pdf-files (Acrobat Reader)
  • scanning of documents and converting into editable files (e.g. MS Word)

should you be interested in any of these (or similar) services, please do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us an e-mail asking for a quotation.

Web Services

With our web services we can provide you with everything you need for a successful web presence.
From the moment you decide to have a website to the finished site being well established online we can escort you along the way.

  • check domain name availability
  • book domain
  • register domain
  • book hosting
  • develop design
  • optimise for use on mobile devices (responsive design)
  • consolidate content
  • fine tune appearance
  • publish site
  • register with search engines and directories
  • check visitor statistics and optimise performance


Sometimes it can be a bit of a problem to raise the money for new kit or replacement of ageing equipment.

Or you do not want to tie your money to hardware.

LEASING (hire purchase) might be the way out.

At MiT Ltd. we are working together with Grenke Ltd., the Dublin subsidiary of Grenke Leasing AG, based in Germany.
The company has nearly 30 years experience in IT-leasing and caters for small tickets from € 500 upwards. Renowned for quick turnaround and hassle free service you can trust a provider that is not tied to any bank or manufacturer.